I’ve been thinking about my “ideal client avatar” a lot recently. I’ve done a lot of work on this last year, in 2015. It was by-the-book, talked about her feelings, her likes and dislikes, her struggles, etc.

This time, I’m focusing more on the qualities of my favorite clients. Clients I’ve actually worked with and loved working with.

Why? Because what you focus on, expands. I’m putting out these qualities of the clients I love to work with out in the Universe, for them to be magnetized to me.

(Was that too woo-woo for you? πŸ˜‰ )

Here are the qualities I’ve come up with so far.

– Specific list of feedback requests
– Great photography
– Good length of copy
– Gives feedback within 2-3 days
– Clear instructions, if specific requests (layout, specific photos to use, etc)
– On time to GTKY call
– Clear picture of what they like (Pinterest board has a clear pattern / similarities between images)
– E-commerce store, clear product information
– Have kids
– Female
– Entrepreneur
– Go-getter, bold moves, etc
– Well known, visible on social media
– Kind AND honest
– Login information provided right away, and it’s clear and accurate
– Can answer questions (like which list for their email automation tool)
– Fully answers all intake form questions, with detail

How about you? What are some qualities of clients you’ve loved to work with? (Cough, cough– I may be asking to help you find your ideal client AND to grow my quality list too. πŸ˜› )