If you’re new to owning your own business (or even if you’re a few months or a year into it), you’re likely working on your process. You’re working with clients, tweaking how things work, revamping your on-boarding process, etc.

Once you’ve been in (the same consistent) business for longer than that (I’ll venture to say 18+ months), you’ve likely got your process DOWN. Even if you continually improve (after all, there’s no such thing as perfection), you’ve definitely figured out THE WAY you do things.

I know I do. 😉 As a designer, I have a very specific on-boarding process for new clients and a unique way of navigating through the branding process to help my clients make the impact they want.

For example, I used to offer one-off logos AND I used to give 3-6 options of logos to the client to choose from.

What have I learned through 2 years in this design industry? That method does nothing but frustrate and confuse the client, and if they accept it as “fine” (a four-letter F word in our company), they’re inevitably unhappy with it weeks or months later.

Trust me that it’s not the design of the logo. Our studio works with the very best in the design industry. It’s that the process to GET to the logo was overlooked and ignored in an effort to save on costs for the client.

Instead of taking the time to get to know their business (with an intensive intake call and form), and building a branding board to give that logo context (like textures we’d suggest, fonts for the website, color palettes beyond just the logo colors, social media icons and graphics, etc), we’ve found that clients just can’t “picture it”.

So, when you’re working with an expert (designer, coach, copywriter, whomever), trust their process.

If they DON’T do or offer something that you wish they did, there’s probably a reason for it. And if they DO ask you to do something that seems odd, do it. That expert knows what their process is and how to get you to the results you want.