Felicity + Design Inc. is not your typical solopreneur design studio.

Our brand and marketing strategist indentifies your challenges quickly and designs strategies to address them; always keeping top of mind your business’s need for minimal disruption and quick results. She has been helping businesses all over the world for more than 17 years with their marketing and branding. She has worked with businesses big and small, old and new, and knows firsthand what it is like to run your own business and be responsible for the livelihood of others. Whilst having an extensive background in all marketing areas, her focus and passion has always been in online marketing, and as a result, she is an expert in digital marketing strategy. She has managed over 40 websites in her career, from idea to launch, optimization and beyond.

Our copywriter helps you stand out and use your messaging to sell, persuade, or build a following. She has over five years experience in marketing and public relations, helping businesses large and small take their buyers on a journey from “just curious” to “SIGN ME UP!” She’s written for businesses ranging from solopreneur wedding planners and life coaches to multi-million dollar tech companies and the largest travel booking website in the world.

In today’s digital world, your branding photos and online profile are often the very first (or only) way today’s digital world, your branding photos and online profile are often the very first (or only) way that your potential clients (or the world in general) get to know you…before they meet you in person. When someone sees your photos online, or on your book cover, or on your business card, you should feel 1000% confident that your images are connecting you with your ideal clients (or with that next big promotion). When someone looks at your images, they should connect with you on all of the right levels. You need them to see your confidence, your competence, and every other element of your brand. As an entrepreneur myself, our photographer is a numbers girl, and she’s here to tell you that having the right branding photos not only changes how the world perceives you and how you see yourself, it also impacts your bottom line. Our award-winning international photographer will work with you to capture those perfect shots.

Just thought you should know.