“The goal is not to work with those who need what you sell, the goal is to work with those who believe what you believe.” – Simon Sinec

This is why branding must be personal.

It’s not all about your ideal client, your target niche, what you think you should do.

Branding must come FIRST from a place of authenticity and vulnerability and really bring joy to you when you look at your branding elements. THEN you can talk about your ideal client, but first? First, it’s all about you.

And if you’re looking for the magic formula to build a brand with authority? Here it is.

Know + Like + Trust + Consistency = Brand Authority

People need to know who you are. That’s visibility and literally showing up, making your name everywhere.

People need to like you. That’s where vulnerability comes into play. Share stories, your fears, things that you think you shouldn’t share. You’ll connect with so many who are where you have been.

People need to trust you. This is where you need to be the expert in your field. Share free tips, info that will help your target clients, freebies, etc. GIVE VALUE.

After all of that? You need to be consistent. It’s easy to follow for a few days, weeks or even months, but if you’re not consistently showing up, being vulnerable, and giving value, you will not grow the brand you want.

This formula works in every industry. The platform may vary (you might network at local events instead of post in Facebook groups), but it works. Every. Time.