Our Vision

The Felicity + Design Inc. brand represents a move beyond a business and a brand. We have grown quickly from a single person in 2014 to a group of creatives working together on over 60 projects at once in 2017. It has not had a linear or traditional growth path, but instead, has added, adapted, and changed as needs arise.

We’re not here to make you a website and move on – we’re not in the churn and burn game.

We’re your business growth partners. We’re here for the long-haul.

And as your partners, we will be there through thick and thin – sometimes we’ll give you what you want, and sometimes we’ll tell you you’re wrong. But we always do it with heart, and with the best of intentions, because a client’s success is our success. We show this in our advice – it isn’t designed to simply get us more revenue, it is designed to help make your business a success.

You are an influencer. You influence those around you with everything you say and do.

But you need to remember, “your website is for customers, not you. It’s a waste of money to design a website for 1 person.” *

We are here to remind you of your ultimate goal in your business– and we would bet that it is to affect others’ lives in a positive way and (let’s be honest) to make money.

And that is what a brand and website that has your target client in mind can do.

Our Mission

We are independent thinkers who crave originality. We reject labels, boxes, or any other constraining ideas. Felicity + Design Inc. is a group of smart, creative, free thinkers who are not afraid to be unconventional.

Don’t play the game. Change the game.

We know that our higher calling of being happy and good-hearted doesn’t fit with the conventional way of doing business, but we don’t care. The mission, not the tradition, is important. But as with other mission-oriented brands, we also don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water, but rather seek to improve the existing system. We observe how it is being done, and strive to take the best of that, and add our own unique flair. With an advanced ability to see what’s missing, our instinctual pull is to modify and iterate. We want to strive high, make improvements, and create great things.

We create something real and human. We are not B2B or B2C, we are H2H – human to human. We’ve thrown out the corporate/client divide between ‘us and them’ and instead can give the people who are a part of F + D the freedom to engage as people.

We are a collection of creatives. On the surface, we may look and act like polar opposites (hello ESTJ, meet INFP), and our mashup shouldn’t work. But it does and the output of that is something totally unique. We’ve embraced our differences, combined our talents, and created a hit. The sum is greater than the parts.

We embrace the differences and diversity in our team and allow that to shine through and get harmony and creativity from that. This is a key point of difference between a one-man-band web designer and a creative organization.

Together we bring our unique gifts to the table and open up a world of possibilities that could never be thought of by one person. We take inspiration from everywhere, add our own spin and create something better.

We challenge the status-quo, the “norm”, the boring business models, the belief that because it is business, it must be impersonal. Just because things have been done one way, doesn’t mean that it should always be. There is always a better way of doing things.

The underlying theme of the F + D brand is life shouldn’t be miserable and boring, and neither should business. Just because we ‘do’ websites, doesn’t mean that is the only thing we think about.

The F + D mission is different than other design studios. We use our team’s knowledge, talent, and experience to not only create great websites, but to also show people that you can be successful and happy and work with great people.

To F + D, people will always come first. This means, we don’t just deliver a website, we deliver an experience and a relationship.

We give our clients an opportunity to think bigger about their business and the result isn’t a website, it is the feeling of being happy in their life and with their business.

F + D brings together the best people in the industry to provide clients with a great website. We have the technical resources and expert advice to not only make your site look good, we also make it work well.

Excellent people create excellent work.

But we go beyond that – we bring together all our skills and experience in many industries and professions and provide what clients need, when they need it. We’ve quite literally hired the best people in the world! (We have contractors in New Zealand, South Africa, the United States, the UK, India, and of course across Canada.) And it’s just a happy coincidence that we’re all a little weird – just like our client is!

As a team, we are:

  • Upbeat – we’re here to have fun, not to be boring corporate drones
  • Inquisitive – with an insatiable drive to find the best way to do things
  • Inclusive and expansive – no matter who you are, your opinion matters and together we will come up with the best course of action
  • Caring – we genuinely want everyone to succeed, no matter how they define success.
  • Relatable – yep, we’re humans too, and that means we sometimes forget to zip up our fly, or dribble our coffee down our front. But we know you are too, so it doesn’t matter. We are all #perfectlyimperfect.

We’re all fun, creative (and a little bit weird).

But we also know our stuff – everyone here strives to be the absolute best at what they do.

Most important, we believe in being human. Laugh, cry, share and make bad jokes. Let your freak flag fly. We find the quirks in our team and make them a feature. No-one else can copy that.

Our model is not about adopting a certain voice and a rigid structure, but about creating a choir.

Together, we are powerful. And I’m not just talking about our internal team. The uniqueness F + D brings to this strategy is that there is a blurred line between contractors and clients – really, we are all just one, big, mad family working together and being comfortable with who we are and how we do things, regardless of what ‘society’ thinks.

Yes, our clients come to F + D for a website, but the underlying reason they choose us is because something isn’t working with their website right now. What that really means is that something isn’t working quite right in their brand and business as a whole. They started with a vision, but it has veered off-course somewhere.

We are not in the business of putting a sticking plaster on a knife-wound. We are here to heal. And although clients may think they will get a new website (which they will), they will also get so much more– Better design, better connection, and better strategy. And with any luck, a better relationship with their business, their clients, and life-long friends.

We prove this simply by completely over-delivering on every project and adding value wherever we can (as well as by extending the services we provide).

We’re Ms. Right, not Ms. Right Now– Yes, you can get someone to make you a website in a few days, and with a lot of luck, it will be exactly what you asked for. But that may not be what you really need.

Our team of experts challenges you to think bigger, and uses all the skills and knowledge to provide you with not only the best thing for now, but to help you grow in to the business you will be in 3, 5 or 10 years from now.

Our Core Values

To work as a team, with a “how can I help” approach, not a “that’s not my job” attitude.

To be a hard-working action-taker, decision-maker, with purpose, ensuring the quality of work is high. “Good enough” isn’t good enough.

Approach all things with an attitude of positivity, joy, high vibration and kindness.

Being forthcoming about any situation, allowing trust to build; doing all things ethically and lawfully; to know that effective communication is absolutely essential in business and in life.

To step outside of the realm of normal, of “the expected”; to provoke others to think differently.

By working together with openness, respect, and gratitude, you will get what you put out. There is no such thing as competition.

Being able to be counted on to do what you say you will do, when you say you will do it; to follow through with your commitments and agreements.

Having compassion for others and for yourself, make sure you to recharge and reignite your battery. If your cup is empty, you have nothing left to give. Put your own oxygen mask on first.

* brand vision and mission written by Felicity + Design Inc. Brand Strategist, Claire Quirke

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